PipCounter PRO MT5(Full Settings Description)


Simply Monitor each Pip or level alongside Present Revenue % on each single open Commerce.

Normal Settings

  • CORNER(Left/Proper): Select which facet of the display screen to show the Indicator.
  • Present MarginLevel(%):Select “true” to indicate Margin Stage, “false” to cover it.
  • Present Unfold Knowledge: Select “true” to indicate Unfold, “false” to cover it utterly.
  • Present CandleTime Knowledge: Select “true” to indicate Subsequent Bar Time remaining, “false” to cover it.
  • Present Complete Profits_LINE: Select “true” to indicate the Revenue LINE, “false” to cover the whole line.
  • Present Complete Earnings(in Brackets): Select “true” to indicate the Complete Earnings in Account Forex(in brackets), “false” to cover it leaving solely the Complete P.c% Revenue.
  • Present Complete Earnings in USD(Crypto): Select “true” to Convert Crypto Accounts Complete Revenue to USD eg. BTC account revenueàUSD income. This lets you see your crypto revenue in USD whereas buying and selling a Crypto dealer, “false” exhibits default Account Forex. This will additionally work on Non-USD accountsàUSD income conversion relying in your dealer. So check it out!!
  • Present Earnings%(Particular person Trades)+Tons : Select “true” to indicate the present Revenue P.c% per single commerce + Lotsizes, “false” to hides each gadgets.
  • Change Revenue Decimals: Enter a quantity from 0-10. This shifts the decimal level of the Complete Earnings(in brackets). This lets you appropriate the Complete Revenue decimal place for crypto pairs with about 8 decimal locations after which swap again to USD or EUR with 2 decimal locations.
  •  Add Swap+Commissions(Complete Revenue): Select “true” to Add Swap + Commissions to Complete Revenue calculations making it extra correct, “false” to disregard it.
  • Add Full(2side) Fee(for Open Trades): Select “true” to indicate 2 Facet/Roundtrip Fee for Foreign exchange, “false” to indicate 1 Facet/Half-trip Fee. Displaying fee depends upon your dealer, account kind and trades operating . Often ECN accounts from widespread Australian brokers might assist this in MT5. If selecting 2 facet exhibits twice the worth than anticipated, set it to “false”.


Altering Pip Decimals(Trades) Settings

  • Shift PIP Decimals: Select “true” to activate the 2 Settings under, “false” to de-activate them.
  • No. of Decimals to Shift: Enter a quantity from 0-10. This shifts the decimal level of the Pips of your operating Trades and Unfold. eg. 1.45 @ 0 decimal, 0.145 @ 1 decimal.
  • RoundUP(digits): Enter a quantity from 0-10. This Rounds up the Pips you shifted earlier. Eg.   0.145 @ 1 decimal earlier = @ 2 Roundup= 0.15.

FONT & COLORS Settings

  • Textual content coloration: Choose any coloration you need for the Textual content/Titles (left).
  • Values coloration: Choose any coloration you need for the Values (proper).
  • Font Dimension: Change worth to extend or cut back dimension of fonts. Nonetheless, overdoing this may distort/overlap textual content so check it out to discover a respectable dimension. You can too resize the background field individually to match new textual content dimension.
  • Font Title: Kind any of the favored font names like Tahoma, Instances New Roman and many others. in full to vary the Font kind.
  • Change Loss to One other Colour: Select “true” to activate Setting under, “false” to de-activate it.
  • SELECT Loss Colour: Choose any coloration you need the Values to indicate if you find yourself dropping (but profitable maintains earlier coloration you set earlier).

Background Settings

  • Present Background: Select “true” to indicate background field behind Textual content, “false” to cover it utterly.
  • SELECT Background Colour: Choose any coloration you need for the background field.
  • Make Background Clear: “true” makes background field Clear, “false” makes it Stable.
  • Change Width of Background Field: Used when textual content is leaking exterior background field or textual content dimension has decreased quite a bit. Regulate the worth to vary the width of the background field.
  • SELECT Border Colour(Flat): Choose any coloration you need for the Border of the background field (however border kind under should be “Flat”).
  • Border kind:  This adjustments the kind of Border; “flat” is regular with no depth, “raised” has been elevated, “non-dynamic pointer” has been sunk/has depth.


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