Fears that terrorists will exploit pandemic fear safety specialists


The coronavirus pandemic dangers fuelling extremism and terrorist exercise as web customers from throughout the political spectrum are drawn into on-line radicalisation and the proliferation of conspiracy theories, safety specialists have warned.

Whereas sustained lockdowns and journey restrictions this yr have restricted the potential to hold out terror assaults, intelligence businesses have raised considerations of a resurgence in violence as curbs are lifted.

“Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram . . . are working and profiting from governments being distracted by Covid measures,” Ed Butler, a former commander of UK forces in Afghanistan, informed reporters final month. Gilles de Kerchove, EU counter-terrorism co-ordinator, has warned that with out significant reconstruction efforts following the pandemic, the general public well being emergency may evolve right into a safety disaster.

Isolation, melancholy and monetary insecurity ensuing from lockdown and job losses make people extra prone to adopting new concepts and probably being radicalised, specialists consider.

One of many largest threats is an increase in distant working and residential education which have made each youngsters and adults simpler prey for extremists teams lively on social media boards corresponding to Telegram, Gab, Discord and the online game sharing website Steam.

Colin Clarke, a terrorism researcher on the Soufan Centre, a US think-tank, stated the disaster had given terrorist recruiters a “buffet” of potential arguments to advance their trigger. “Each extremist group or fringe has been in a position to make use of Covid-19 to elucidate why their ideology makes probably the most sense . . . teams throughout the ideological spectrum from jihadis to far-right extremists to even the far-left,” he stated.

A memorial for victims who were killed during a terror attack in Vienna, Austria, last month
A memorial for victims who had been killed throughout a terror assault in Vienna, Austria, final month © Thomas Kronsteiner/Getty

Whereas Isis militants characterise the virus as divine revenge for Muslim struggling, neo-Nazis blame the unfold of the illness on immigrants and Jews and use the pandemic as proof of the risk from globalisation and multiculturalism. An Institute for Strategic Dialogue examine discovered that far-right teams had revealed “hundreds of thousands” of social media posts regarding the pandemic from January to April.

Most specialists agree that far rightwing extremists have gained probably the most floor, having skilled what Mr Clarke known as a “youth infusion” by recruiting home-schooling youngsters usually left alone for hours a day with computer systems and telephones.

Video gaming is one mechanism used to introduce younger individuals to anti-establishment ideologies: one new on-line sport in Germany awarded gamers factors for taking pictures George Soros, the philanthropist who has lengthy been an extreme-right hate determine, and chancellor Angela Merkel.

Mr de Kerchove, the EU counter-terrorism co-ordinator, stated he was more and more nervous about rising proof of a hyperlink between those that succumb to conspiracy theories and those that go on to embrace extremist politics.

Far-right teams corresponding to New British Union and the neo-Nazi Every day Stormer web site have been notably lively in selling virus-related conspiracy theories, corresponding to Covid-19 being a hoax by governments or that the vaccine will implant microchips.

A story can be rising that’s suspicious of recent know-how. Individuals who believed the virus was being unfold by 5G indicators launched into a spate of arson attacks this yr on telecoms masts from the Netherlands and Eire to Cyprus, proving that concepts circulated on-line are spilling into actual world aggression. “Violent rightwing and leftwing extremists usually latch on to those narratives and reinforce them,” Mr de Kerchove stated. “This explosive combine may encourage additional lone-actor violence”.

Whether or not the rise in excessive beliefs will encourage acts of terror stays unclear however a number of UK counter-terrorism officers contacted by the Monetary Instances stated they’d been referring extra individuals than ordinary to anti-radicalisation programmes.

In the meantime, simply as lockdowns have diminished the massive gatherings that terrorists usually goal, spies have discovered it more durable to conduct covert surveillance on empty streets.

Latest lethal jihadi assaults in Vienna and Nice occurred on the eve of recent lockdowns, spurring fears that extremists will look to strike at crowds once more when restrictions are eased.

There’s additionally a threat the virus could have impressed terrorists to undertake deadlier strategies. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commander of the UK’s chemical and organic weapons regiment, stated that whereas terrorists had at all times been serious about creating organic weapons, they’d beforehand thought they wanted to entry a virulent pathogen like anthrax or botulinum to kill lots of people in a short time. Isis militants are actually thought to have proven an curiosity in weaponising much less harmful viruses just like Covid-19.

“A non-virulent pathogen has introduced the world to its toes — medically and financially,” stated Mr de Bretton-Gordon. “That is precisely what a terrorist want to replicate.”


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