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1. Will Greenland let China mine there?

2. How regulators are starting to think about Coinbase.  And interpreting bitcoin as a better chain letter.

3. Neopronouns: “however what does thon assume?”  And today’s Ezra Marcus NYT piece on neopronouns is first-rate.  Can I take advantage of “Tyler” as my neopronoun?  Can I select to be pronounless?: “As a substitute of utilizing third particular person pronouns, a nullpronominal particular person is normally referred to by identify, or will be referred to with an epithet, or the sentence will be rephrased to omit pronouns, sometimes through the use of the passive voice.”  I like that, ought to I put it on my Twitter profile?

4. Ezra Klein (NYT) has a very good take on the Biden administration, although I’d body the described truths in a fairly adverse method.  I’d say that in essence they’re making selections based mostly on their very own sociology and sophistication and conformism, and likewise on the premise of what they assume (poorly knowledgeable) voters need, relatively than specializing in scientific reasoning and making an attempt to see that by means of.  And no matter issues economics might need, together with as a predictive instrument, one doesn’t do higher with those that try to take its place.  Additional interpretation from Ezra here.

5. Bryan Caplan turns fifty, and what did he do in his forties?

6. More on muons.  Greatest remedy up to now.

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